Galerie Weisser Elefant, Berlin, 2006

Museo de Arte de El Salvador, San Salvador, 2007

Bosch-Rexroth Collection, Würzburg, D, 2007

With the non-representational system of compositions made up of balanced color discs - unlike Robert Delaunay's simultaneous discs, the colors are not segmented within a circle, but each form as a whole represents a value from the range of the color spectrum - Pedro Boese creates objective prerequisites for the investigation of the simultaneous color effects. However, his compositions are not designed purely mechanically. He does not choose and arrange the colors according to a fixed scheme, but alternates dialogically between intuitive design and reflection. If a uniform shape and texture-free surface is also sought for the colored discs, it is significant that Boese does not work with a stencil and spray gun, but instead uses a brush in the traditional manner. On closer inspection, the ductus and the slightly irregular contour reveals the brushwork circling from the wrist, which makes the forms appear livelier and supports the movement in the picture. (...)"

Dr. Friederike Hauffe in "Zyklus One", Berlin, 2005