set of six modules

Version III - 300 x 500 cm, exhibition "Mono Modul" @ Rahmen & Kunst, Berlin, 2019

Version II - 200 x 800 cm, exhibition "Boese, Brion , Tecedeiro" @ Centro de Artes e Cultura de Ponte de Sôr, Portugal, 2018

Version I - 200 x 600 cm, studio view, 2018

Version IV - 300 x 700 cm, draft, 2018

Version V - 800 x 200 cm, draft, 2018

The pattern initiated by the painter completes itself, inevitably, on the mind of the viewer, providing a sensation of order and coherence. The viewer perceives, first the pattern with his retina and completes it with his mind. The complementarity between what is painted and what is perceived is one of the characteristics of Boese’s rhythmic and modular work, which tends to present an incomplete structure that at the same time guides the eye of the viewer in defined directions. Structured around contrasting colours and balanced geometrical shapes, it renders explicit what is implicit. (...)"

Text by Laura Sequeira Falé published in the exhibition catalogue, Centro de Artes e Cultura de Ponte de Sôr 2018